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The most important question for any business is to identify the business process, that can be outsourced without putting any strain on the critical functions of the business. This exercise is carried out by conducting a series of the interview. That helps us determine Value & Risk Analysis of Business Processes inherent in the subject business model. Once the business is sliced into critical and low value business processes. We start by simulating the Minimum Value Processes that can help the business in reduction of costs, relief in time and energy spent by the business in managing those minimum value Business Processes.   


step by step business process

Why PC Tech

Step 1


– An NDA is signed

– You fill our survey forms

– You will then be contacted by our business consultant

– Based on the info provided, a Value & Risk Analysis will be discussed


Step 2


– Thin-House Staff  is our first approach

– Trends & Models in relevant industries are discussed 

– Basic understanding of what is  required

– Security & Privacy Policy

– Creating an MOU 

Step 3

Proposal Outline

– Finalizing of SLA

– Finalization of Timelines

– Formal Proposal/Contract 

– Signing of contracts 


Step 4

Getting Started

– Building resources

– Project commencement meeting 

– Execution & management

– Recurring Adjustments and collaboration


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